Musical Director

Carol Thompson

Carol Thompson, Master Director, brings her talent, experience and energy as the musical leader of the Great Lake Sound Chorus.  As a Certified Professional Coach in her personal life, she brings that same zest for success to the chorus, where she consistently challenges us to perform at our best. 

Carol’s joy of acapella singing is a big part of our rehearsals as she brings the music to life.    Her vast experience as a director, organizational leader, teacher, musician and mentor are a winning recipe for our weekly rehearsals. 

Under her leadership, chorus members have grown in both numbers and musical abilities.  She currently sings with SEVEN-time International Champion Chorus, the Melodeers, and we are the fortunate recipients of her knowledge and expertise, which she willingly shares. 

We know you will enjoy our fun, fast-paced and lively rehearsals under Carol’s direction.

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