• Regarding Chorus Members
  • I came to GLS during the thick of the pandemic. Even though I met my chorus sisters on Zoom, they immediately made me feel welcome. As soon as we were able to meet in person, they went to great lengths to make sure I felt comfortable and had everything I needed. Great Lake Sound is such a wholesome, welcoming group of wonderful people that truly care for each other. I'm so grateful to have found such a strong support group! So happy to call GLS home!
    - Chrissy N.

    One of my favorite stories to tell about being a member of GLS comes from my early days with the chorus. My first visit, I kept thinking 'Wow! These women are all so kind and welcoming. What a fun group!' But as with many women-centered organizations, I wondered how long that would last - when would the other shoe drop? Over 8 years later, I'm still waiting! GLS is truly a family - one which has come together through our love of singing. The music that we make together is absolutely a result of hard work and the love that we have for one another.
    - Jen

    I look forward to rehearsals to spend time with fellow chorus members; we have such great comradery! I have become a much better singer and performer due to the high level of coaching.
    - Lisa

    After reading a newspaper article offering six weeks of free vocal instruction, I decided to check out the local Sweet Adelines chorus. I was needing to “do something for myself” while adjusting to single life with four teenagers at home and while working full time. That was 27 years ago, and Great Lake Sound Chorus continues to be a big part of my life. I have learned so much about barbershop music from great teachers. But even more than that are the friendships that have formed over those years.
    - Sherry


  • Regarding The chorus in general
  • In addition to reinforcing excellent vocal production, Great Lake Sound Show Chorus promotes camaraderie, diligence, teamwork, friendship, inclusiveness, acceptance, mutual support, and an honest appreciation of the accomplishment of others. Each one of us works hard not just for ourselves, but because our sisters in song inspire us to be our best. All of these positive factors spill into our everyday life at work and home. We are all truly blessed to be a part of it.
    - V. B., chorus member

    "I just wanted to mention that yesterday we attended the fundraiser/concert presented by the A Cappella singing group that Jenni participates in, Great Lake Sound Chorus. We were blown away by how great they are and how much they enjoy singing together. Singing in close harmony takes a lot of time and effort, talent and listening to get just right, and singing that way without benefit of accompaniment is even harder! As musicians, we could really appreciate the quality sound we were hearing. It was obvious that the members of this chorus work hard and are proud to offer their very best in performance. We had a great time listening and the dinner was very good too. Consider attending this event next year, or any other performance this group offers. I think you'll really enjoy it!"


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