• Regarding The chorus in general
  • In addition to reinforcing excellent vocal production, Great Lake Sound Show Chorus promotes camaraderie, diligence, teamwork, friendship, inclusiveness, acceptance, mutual support, and an honest appreciation of the accomplishment of others. Each one of us works hard not just for ourselves, but because our sisters in song inspire us to be our best. All of these positive factors spill into our everyday life at work and home. We are all truly blessed to be a part of it.
    - V. B., chorus member

    "I just wanted to mention that yesterday we attended the fundraiser/concert presented by the A Cappella singing group that Jenni participates in, Great Lake Sound Chorus. We were blown away by how great they are and how much they enjoy singing together. Singing in close harmony takes a lot of time and effort, talent and listening to get just right, and singing that way without benefit of accompaniment is even harder! As musicians, we could really appreciate the quality sound we were hearing. It was obvious that the members of this chorus work hard and are proud to offer their very best in performance. We had a great time listening and the dinner was very good too. Consider attending this event next year, or any other performance this group offers. I think you'll really enjoy it!"


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